Viva New Zealand!

Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel

Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel

New Zealand is my adopted country – and what an amazing country it is!

For my first ever post I thought I’d shine some light on what living here is like.

This country has given me everything I ever wanted – from a loving partnership and adorable girls to a satisfying career, a house of my own and the freedom and lifestyle I’d dreamed of.

I came to NZ’s sandy shores as a young girl of 24 and fell in love instantly with not just it’s magnificently beautiful landscapes but also the people who make this land what it is. Most kiwis I’ve met are grounded and resourceful who love to get their hands dirty (both literally and figuratively). Coming from India with it’s extreme chasm between the very rich and the very poor and the different attitudes on both sides, it was refreshing to see this culture where money and status were not the sole determining factors of your identity or your destiny.
Kiwis are quick to have a laugh (even at themselves) and tolerant of different ideas. It also helps that religion is not as much ‘in your face’ and by and large kiwis are not bound by much religious dogma.
Auckland is a thriving multicultural city not without it’s own share of problems, one of which is housing affordability and another is traffic congestion. Of course this traffic is nothing compared to many other metropolises like Bombay or New York but still far worse than anywhere else in NZ.

Travelling through New Zealand is a wonderful mix of the old and quaint country towns, breathtaking beaches, high adrenalin adventure activities, and the energy of it’s bigger cities.
In the 12 years I’ve lived here I have been fortunate to travel the length and breadth of this magical land and live in different parts of the country – many posts to follow will elaborate on these adventures.
If you have any questions about NZ please feel free to drop me a line anytime.



2 thoughts on “Viva New Zealand!

  1. This story gave me shivers. Surely you can’t be the only family that has experienced it.

    I guess there would be many happy but bittersweet memories in that house, especially the children who did not make it. It’s really cool that there is a charitable person or trust that gifts the house to families who need it.

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