Travel Budget Blues

I have done something bad. Something i never thought i would do and now am mentally freaking out at making this work. Impulse buying a BIG thing.

You see, it started with an email i received announcing sale fares to 6 destinations on Malaysian Airlines. I had to do a double take when i got to the airfares they were so low. Lower than i have ever seen before. So the next day i walked into my friendly travel agent store and bought 4 tickets for a family holiday to Dubai.

Now that the excitement of buying the tickets has worn off, i am left with a major problem – arranging enough money to cover our 3 week holiday. I have started dreaming of travel vaccinations, passport photos, and assorted other expenses. 

I have only 4 months to arrange $10,000+. I need to get a grip on my panicking brain and start thinking about what i can do to save up.

Options so far:

– find an evening job – but then i will need to figure out what to do with my girls during that time 

– sell anything i don’t need

– we are already quite a frugal bunch so don’t know how much more i could squeeze from our food budget

How you you funded your trips on short notice – maybe you can help me with your tips on what i can do 🙂


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