A few stolen hours at Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

On Wednesday last week, I was home looking after Miss Six who was not very well and Miss Eight who was pretending to not feel very well so she could stay home too. It was also hubby’s only day off that week. Being the impulsive optimist that I am, I thought that we should so something more exciting with our day and drive down to the Hot Water Beach in Coromandel.  Girls were on board immediately and with a few minutes of puppy eyed pleading from us all he was in too.

So we set off on our 2 hour drive with a bag of quickly assembled snacks, sweets and drinks.

As luck would have it, midway through, the anticipation wore off and boredom set in plus Miss Six started feeling queasy. I was trying my best to keep her spirits up when the sky went dark as big black clouds rolled in. Wondering why I did not think things through and wishing that hubby had talked some sense into me, I asked everyone if they wanted to turn back. Thankfully though we all agreed to press on and soon we were at the beach!

Hot Water Beach is world famous in New Zealand – well no actually, this is a unique beach that really is world famous – for its underground hot springs which filter up through the golden sand between the high and low water tidal reaches. Families, kids and couples can be seen digging their own spa pool in the sand and relaxing in the natural springs.

the only way to get to the Hot Water Springs is through this stretch of beach and stream.

the only way to get to the Hot Water Springs is through this stretch of beach and stream.

The only access to the beach is through a narrow walk across beach and a stream.

Expecting it to be almost deserted, I was shocked to see that it was almost packed! We found a large and deep spa already dug but when we went into it the water was literally burning hot – we could barely stand in it for a second before being scalded. The girls had a brain wave and decided to use their beach toys to bring cold water from the ocean and pour into the spa to help cool the water. As you can imagine this did not help at all even if they were having fun doing it. Miss Six, by now having forgotten that she was ill, was in great spirits. She started exploring other spas to find one with a better temperature and found one that was just vacated. We all got in and enjoyed the warm water at the edge of the ocean – it was magical. Soon though the ocean started slowly reclaiming the sandy beach as the waves came closer & closer. Eventually one giant wave came in and flooded cold water over our heads and into our warm spa. It was time to leave.

digging a spa on the beach - hot water beach

a couple digging their spa on the beach

New Zealand: Hot Water Beach

enjoying the DIY hot water spas at Hot Water Beach

Miss Six has been talking about having a party at the beach for her birthday in December and is keenly waiting for our next trip to the beautiful Hot Water Beach!