Addicted to carbs

I knew that completing a 30 day Paleo challenge would be hard, but Day 1 was even harder than I expected.

So, for a whole month, I have cut out all sugar and grains from my diet. Traditional paleo also forgoes dairy, but I have decided not to as my only milk consumption is in tea, and i believe that yogurt is beneficial to health.

Day 1 – Started the day with a thick juice of apples and peaches at 8am, that despite being delicious, was also quite filling, and followed that with a hard boiled egg at 9am. I was already hungry by 11am and i swear i could smell rice cooking somewhere on our floor just to tempt me!

Lunch was a salad of mixed salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, roast shaved chicken, and a dressing of hummus. That must have filled me up, but it did not satisfy my mentally. I spent the afternoon battling phantom stomach cramps, and the overwhelming urge to eat some carbs that i thankfully resisted. Nothing like failure on your first attempt to drain confidence huh? Some feijoas helped keep me going till dinner time.

Dinner was a Thai Chicken Curry with carrots, zuchinni, onions, and bok choy. It really was delicious and filling, and i had enough left over for lunch the next day.

I could not resist a mini Picnic after dinner though.

Man, this is going to be a long 30 days……..


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