A day at the beach


Curving roads. Empty roads. Surrounded by greenery roads. With arching trees and creeping vines. Like a grand entrance beckoning us, offering so much more in the great beyond. The cool moist air with a hint of the ocean as if caressing our cheeks. Off the highway, the empty back roads tell us this isn’t season time. Instead of drunk raucous revelers we encounter silent trees out for a parade covered in their greens. This is Goa in the Monsoons.

It is drizzling now, a hint of rains yet to come, but it is pleasant enough to be venturing out. We tell our driver to take us to the beach. Candolim being the nearest, we go there. He tells us that it’s a short walk to Calangute & Baga and we can call wherever we chose to get off the beach. It’s an interesting idea, probably more so because strolling on…

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